Is the Summer a Good Time to Learn to Trade?

Not all summer time trading is just plain miserable, but this summer is like many others in that the volume has slowed down along with the price action. And yes, so far the trading has been miserable. Trading e-minis during these times can be just plain brutal, with hours and days passing without any substantive movement up or down. Today was one of those days and I wasn’t too far from setting my hair on fire and running down the boulevard screaming, “I am never going to trade again.”

Learning to trade in the summer is a great time to start.

Some great lessons in restraint and foundational trading technique can be learned in this period when there has been (so far, anyway) little risk of price taking off unexpectedly. I am a proponent of learning to trade e-minis before the action becomes hot and heavy, not once normal movement has returned to the market. In July and August, the pressure on price is generally minimal and traders have the time to learn trading technique without the pressure to execute their trades for a profit. There is time to stick your nose in some high-quality textbooks and learn, instead of plastering yourself in front of a trading screen and watch price action move about with the speed of a slug.

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