Redwood and Cedar are popular in wood

Wood siding is a low maintenance and less expensive option with a natural beauty. No siding enjoys more success than wood.  best wood primer

The availability of lower maintenance siding options did not take away the popularity of wood siding with consumers. Consumer opting for different materials still selects a wood look as all the non-wood siding products available try to copy the different styles.

Redwood and Cedar are popular in wood siding for the natural occurring preservatives. Other common options are Fir, Spruce and Pine. It offers many positives as well as a beautiful classic appearance, available in varieties of styles, which can be painted the necessary color desired to suit the look of a home.

Lap siding and board and batten are respectively two of the best and popular options, whereas wood is long lasting, it can last thirty years minimum when cared for and properly installed. Wood siding that is care for has a more pleasing appearance than the low quality of a vinyl product after a number of years. The typical styles are tongue and groove lapped, as well as V-joint and grove joint.

It is more environmentally friendly as it does not cause any concerns when it is time to dispose of it. This product offers very good insulating qualities that help reduce cooling and heating energy bills, which is an important consideration with the raising energy costs.

The only obvious downside of wood is the ongoing maintenance required. Power washing wood siding annually and sealing or painting it as it will begin to show wear from natural elements. It can cause a faded finish as well as signs of mildew and mold. It is recommended to paint wood siding every four to ten years depending on the climate where it is located as well as the quality of the previous paint or sealant used.

It varies in price according to the type of wood chosen as well as the location, as a redwood, which is a western grown tree, will cost more in an Eastern US location. The amount of time for a tree to grow into a harvest able size also significantly affects the price of wood. The average price for wood siding, clear cedar is $3.5 to $6.5 per square foot.

Typical problems with this product include warping, holes and splits, which should be attended to before it turns into an unrepairable problem. Splits are easy to repair by prying the cracked pieces apart and coat them with waterproof glue. Push the pieces back together, holding them in place with screws or nails.

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