Christmas Gifts For Your Geek

Finding¬†Christmas gifts for geeks¬†is never an easy thing. I know this because I am one myself, and thus I know how much people struggle when it comes around to my birthday or Christmas just what to get that won’t bring forth a holy cry of ‘Meh.’ The thing with geeks is that our tastes can be so obscure that it’s almost impossible to get the right thing unless you actually ask us in great detail.

To get around that you can easily find Christmas gift ideas that are perfect for geeks everywhere as they appeal to the innate geeky sensibilities myself and all of my badly dressed, factoid-wielding brethren share as the basis of who we are. Like what? There are some awesome ideas that most geeks will agree are made of WIN at Christmas time. Think about the person you’re buying the gifts for first of all. Which particular strain of geek do they have running through their veins the strongest? Everything from comics and games geeks to internet culture fanatics are catered for.

Ideal seasonal gifts could take the shape of a new Blu ray Player, coffee machine (geeks love caffeine), cult TV or movie box sets, desktop toys (anything from mini RC helicopters to miniature sports games), T-shirts (think comic characters, movie characters, anime, geek culture etc), headphones (Skullcandy are the ones to get right now), Star Wars figures, Star Wars science toys, Transformers toys and games, Doctor Who merchandise, hardback editions of graphic novels, computer peripherals, video games merchandise and more.

There are so many things to choose from that even the most picky of geeks will find cause for celebration. For those geeks into their games, what about books or strategy guides, figures and other tie in stuff from their favourite games? Then there’s stationery to think about- every geek needs a tidier desk (I know I do), so anything than can help geeks get the most out of their setup is always appreciated too. Remember, a geek is for life, not just for Christmas. In keeping with the geeky nature of these gifts a

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