The FHI Hair Straightener – A Hairstyling Tool With Quality

Nowadays, professional hairstylists work very hard to keep the clientele that they have.  They also work to get more clients.  How do they do this?–by using the best styling tools available.  They know in order to keep their clients looking their best that they have to use quality hair styling tools that will keep them coming back.

One of the tools that they use is the FHI Hair Straightener.  This styling tool is not a large, clunky, cumbersome styling iron.  It’s something that is compact and can be used for different modern hair styles. 

They can be used to create curly styles, twist styles or flat, beveled styles.  It doesn’t matter whether the hair is short or long, this styling tool can work with it.

The controls on the FHI hair Straightener work to set the temperature where you want it to be.  It has a range from 140 degrees to 450 degrees.  It also works to provide a style at the temperature it is set to.  No one has to concern themselves with burning out their hair.

This hairstyling tool has ceramic plates.  Ceramic plates last longer than other plates of a different material.  The ceramic material also provides good heating elements.  Because of this, the heat that comes from it will be evenly distributed on the hair. 

The ceramic plates distribute heat to keep your hair looking shiny and smooth.  Because of its durability, the FHI Hair Straightener will last for a long time.  There will not be a need to get another one in a few years.  

Another benefit to using this hairstyling tool is the tourmaline technology.  This special technology helps the hair to keep in the moisture more so than other hair straighteners that are of lesser quality.  Professional hairstylists know that quality is key to keeping the hair looking healthy.

The FHI Hair Straightener comes in different sizes for different hair lengths:

o    The 1 ¼” plate – can be used for short to medium hair lengths. 

o    The 1 ¾” plate – can be used for medium to long hair lengths.

Another good quality about the hair straightener is that with the ceramic plates, it only takes a few seconds to heat up.  That is a good thing because time is of the essence for professional hairstylists.  They work to get their clients in and out within a few hours and not sacrifice quality.

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