Travel to Indonesia

This is Indonesia, the largest archipelago in the world, a huge chain of more than 135,000 islands, running for approximate 5,000 km between Australia and Asia. And as all tropical islands, Indonesian islands too are known for their pristine beaches and thrilling water sports. A bit beyond are verdant hills, towered by the dramatic volcanic ranges. And apart from scenic beauty, Indonesia has valuable cultural treasure too. So there are quite enough reasons for travel to Indonesia.

Beaches and Water Sports
Beaches and water sports are the prime attractions of Indonesia. Long history has endowed Indonesia with intriguing culture and evocative relics. Yogyakarta on Java Island is famous for the temples of Borobudur and Prambanan. Borobudur is considered one of the ancient wonders of the world while Prambanan Temples are in the league of their own. These relics remind the visitors of the glorious past of Indonesia. Jakarta, a bustling city and capital of Indonesia, is also on the island of Java. It has all the ingredients of an Eastern metropolis. Lombok is known for its beautiful beaches and a large, looming volcano. Bali is appreciated for its rugged coastlines and sandy beaches. Ubud, which lies in Bali, is the treasure trove of Indonesian culture. As for the water sports, one can enjoy a slew of water sports like skiing, scuba diving, snorkeling and more.

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