Dating – Find Your Marriage Minded Soul Mate

Too many dates are just flings. All singles are not marriage minded. They are sex minded. They go into one relationship after another. They are experimentalist.

However, most singles want to build a life-long relationship that has meaning and purpose. They think of family and children and all the troubles and joys that come with it. The difference in this group and the first is that they are not so self-centered. They are not so unwilling to share. They are more willing to commit to the future, to share their life with that one special person.

There are thousands upon thousands of single men and women who would like to find a mate. Some have been removed from their origins and are living far from home in an alien environment. They may be separated by military service or employment. They have lost that circle of friends where so many marriages have their roots.

When I got back from Korea in 1952, our church decided that all the young men returning from service were a menace to the community. My brother in law, with his brother, was assigned the task of presenting a operetta in which these young men and the young ladies of the church would perform as pirates, keystone cops and damsels. If you haven’t guessed, the operetta was The Pirates of Penzance.” I was both a pirate and a keystone cop and my bride-to-be was a damsel. There were 10 marriages from that presentation.

We were in our environment. Many of us knew each other before the war. Others were new comers, but we all had the same background. We went to the same schools, the same church, etc. We had things in common like our parents were not among the wealthy.

I’ve noticed that when marriages fail, the second marriage is to someone from that “home group.”

If you are far from home, then you need to find some basis for understanding. What I mean is that you need to find a group of people that have similar ideas, thoughts, behavior patterns, etc., as you do. One place to find that is in your church. So, if you are a Catholic, you may want to associate with the local parish. You should not just be a Sunday visitor but a member who take part in church activities. There you will have a higher chance of meeting someone who will connect to you. Yes, a Methodist would go to a Methodist church, etc.

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