Reloading Basics

This article will discuss the very basics of reloading. Equipment will be the biggest investment a beginner will make when they decide to start reloading. The second biggest investment will be time. This money saving activity takes time and a little bit of effort. First thing is first, what equipment is needed to start?

The equipment needed to start reloading consist of a reloading press, dies, case prepping tools, primers, scales, powder, and bullets. A reloading press will be the single most expensive piece of equipment you will need to get started. When deciding on a press, there are many options such as which manufacturer to buy from and also what style of press to buy. The major players in the reloading industry are Hornady, Lee Precision, RCBS, Lyman, and Dillon. All of these companies all offer quality products, pricing on some are more reasonable than others but all are quality and dependable. All of these companies offer different styles of presses from single stage, turret, and progressive presses. Single stage presses require the least amount of investment and offer only one die station. They require each stage of reloading to be done separately. For example, all cases must be sized, primed, expanded seated, and crimped separately.

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