GM is Reinstalling 900 Car Dealerships

Some mobile car wash operators specialize in cleaning fleets of vehicles, and perhaps there are no more vehicles in one place than at a car dealership. This is not your normal kind of washing, because all you do is rinse them off with de-ionized water once per week, and do a quick dry on the chrome, mirrors, and windows. It’s hard work, but there are endless car lots, and enough cars to keep you busy a lifetime.

Luckily, they’re all brand-new, as soon as they get sold they get replaced with even newer cars, it’s a process that never stops. Not long ago, a gentleman who’d like to start a mobile car wash business in the Greater Phoenix area, smiled when I mentioned that General Motors is reinstalling 900 car dealerships, meaning that with such a large area with 3.5 million people, surely some of those auto dealerships which will re-open will be in his area. So, a question might be; “would this indeed be good for the mobile car washing sector?”

Yes, there will be many of those General Motors dealerships re-opening in Arizona and the Greater Phoenix area obviously, especially those cut on the outskirt areas such as Apache Junction, Case Grande, Buckeye, and around the area. This is a positive thing. This means growth as the car market returns, but there are still question marks due to overall economy and some rather unfortunate levels of consumer pull-back. Fewer credit card sales, more consumer savings, less impulse and consumer debt such as car loans being requested.

In our area, some of the remaining dealerships have sold more than enough cars to keep them going, but they are still catching back up from 24 months of hell, and if retail sales stall again, there could be more strife before positive numbers at those dealerships. I’d be weary, especially considering the auto industry hasn’t done much better than the real estate sector, why jump away from one problematic sector into another?

Someone is going to have to wash all those cars, if you own a mobile car wash business, or if you are thinking of starting a mobile car wash business, this might be the right venue to pursue? Like I said, it is very hard work, but there are unlimited cars to wash, and you have to do them one or two times per week, job security. Perhaps a mobile car wash operator might think about this as the 2010 year progresses. Please consider it.

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