Wake Up to Bias

Bias is not something that people are dying to talk about. I sure don’t want to think I am biased. After all, one of the most important things to me personally is supporting people to be their very best. I am committed to ALL people- so how could I hold biases? Except, I do, like we all do. It is part of the normal human condition to judge, assess and see where we fit in. We do, after all, have a tribe mentality- always looking to belong. A well respected anthropologist recently said on a call that we are always searching for the answer to “Am I OK?” and “Do I Belong?”.

Those fundamental questions of people call forth judging and assessing. It is how we survive in the world in many ways. However, much of our bias is hidden from our view. It is unconscious. We did not create it and intend it to do any harm, yet it does.

One area that a lot of attention is being focused is on the gender disparity in the United States. In my local paper today there was an article about the tech sector. The article was based on an EEOC report on lack of diversity in the tech sector., “In a survey of female scientists showed: Two-thirds of women reported having to prove themselves over and over again, with their success discounted and expertise questioned. Three-quarters of black women reported this issue. Fifty-three percent of women reported a backlash from speaking their minds directly. Two thirds of women with children say their commitment and competence were questioned and opportunities decreased after having children.”

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