5 Ways to Be A World Traveler

Becoming a successful world traveler is not as easy at it might seem at first. There are many challenges a world traveler faces on the road, especially in countries where the infrastructure is less than ideal and where a common language does not exist.

Some of the characteristics a world traveler will need to have in order to enjoy gallivanting the world are:

1. Be Adaptable

Situations might change unexpectedly: buses are cancelled or delayed, reservations are missing, roads are flooded, and other scenarios that can easily foil the best laid plan. A world traveler should not woe his misfortunes for too long. He should be ready to adapt to the new situations and figure out how to make the best of them.

2. Be Resourceful

In tough situations a world traveler might be required to think outside the box because resources normally available in his home country can not be found. From fixing broken equipment using readily available tools to finding his way around a city without a GPS, a resourceful traveler will find creative ways to solve these problems without resorting to expensive solutions.

3. Be Friendly

In a foreign country where nobody seems to be able to understand you and signs are rare, a world traveler will have to depend on other people more than he might be used to. It is important to be friendly when asking strangers for help with direction or advices. Aloofness or snobbishness will definitely not going to help the situation.

4. Be Able to Find Humor Anywhere

One of the most important aspects of a world traveler is his ability to find humor in misfortunes because without a doubt, unless he’s extremely lucky, he will encounter many of these misfortunes on the road. Finding a silver lining in tough situations or being able to laugh at his own stupidity and errors will go a long way in enjoying the travel experience. He needs to remember that often times, the best stories come from these misfortunes.

5. Be Budget Minded

Traveling the world is not as expensive as one would think but a world traveler still needs to be mindful of his budgets. Staying in expensive hotels, eating in restaurants, and going on guided tours are some of the easiest ways to blog a travel budget. A budget minded traveler will stick to simple yet clean accommodations, eat street food most of the time, and travel independently to stretch his budget as far as possible.

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