Budget Travel – Communicating Long Distances by Phone, Internet and Post on the Cheap

Some people go travelling to get away from the normality of a job or family life to experience different things and meet new people but everyone will need to talk to those back home for one reason or another. I phoned home every two weeks to check in and to make sure my bank balance was still health but regular communications with home over long distances, if not handled correctly, can be very expensive. All it takes to keep communication costs low is a bit of knowledge and prior planning. Below is some insight into how the modern traveller can communicate with home from anywhere on the globe.

A few years ago I would have said that the majority of people would have phoned home to communicate while travelling but the trend has significantly turned in recent years due to the Internet. The Internet has become a cheap, universal and powerful tool in communicating with a wide audience of people over incredible distances. Some people take to creating a travel blog to report on what they are doing on a day to day basis and to upload photos. This is undoubtedly the best way to provide a detailed insight into your journeys for those back at home for next to nothing. Many services exist that allow you to create a blog for free but do require other people to sign up to a website to be able to view the blog. Similarly travellers can also create groups on social networking sites such as Facebook which also let you upload photos. If you do decide to create a blog or Facebook group, remember that some of your audience may not have the necessary accounts to view your entries

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