Climate Change/ Warming: Realities, Perceptions, Denials, Preparations?

Although, he was, certainly, well – meaning, and had the best of intentions, Former Vice President Al Gore, gave climate change – deniers, an easy – out, by referring to this condition, as global warming. From a scientific perspective, all available data, indicates our planet has been consistently warming, but, for those who, either, don’t believe, deny, or place their self – interest and personal/ political agenda, ahead of the best interests of our planet, every time there is a snowstorm, or major winter storm/ cold – spell, it is far easier to point to these instances, as proof, that the condition, doesn’t exist! Wouldn’t it be far easier, if we focused on climate change, which is far more difficult, to deny? With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, a comparison between the realities, perceptions, denials/ deniers, and necessary preparations.

1. Realities: The reality is, the average world temperature, has been rising, and trending, upward! The glaciers at the earth’s poles, have been melting, for some time, and recently, at an alarming rate! When these fill, the eventual result is increasing the ocean’s levels, increasing the possibility of flooding in many areas, as well as changing the temperature, composition, etc, of our oceans, and risking marine life, etc. In recent years, most have noticed, our storms have become more severe, our seasons have been fluctuating, we’ve witnessed (both) record colds, and heat, hurricanes and tsunamis have occurred more frequently, and severely, etc. Is this simply a temporary, normal pattern, or, is it, at least partly, related to human behavior, etc? We have witnessed challenges, to, both, clean air and water, which, might, potentially, put the safety of future generations, at risk, and threatened sustainability, etc.

2. Perceptions: While, nearly, every expert believes, strongly, climate change, is, both, real, and a threat, certain politicians, such as President Donald Trump, articulate a message, of denial, and explain, they feel no reason to prepare, for something, which isn’t real, and/ or necessary! Unless/ until, we focus our perceptions on addressing necessary realities, in a responsible way, instead of use it, as a political, talking – point, our world is at risk!

3. Denials: Beware of those, who proclaim, a message of denial, rather than a perspective, of reality and responsibility! Denying the reality, does not change it, or make it, go away!

4. Preparations: The Paris Accords was created, by the vision, primarily of two mayors, the former mayor of Paris, and Mayor Mike Bloomberg, of New York City. They chose to research the realities, and opt for preparing, before it was too late! The world, eventually, signed this responsible, relevant, responsive, document, and, we seemed to be, finally, focused on a sustainable, cleaner future. However, America’s President Trump, stating he knows more, and denies climate change, decided to withdraw the United States, as one of his principal acts and focuses! For those with children, and grandchildren, any unnecessary delay, may be costly, and endanger future generations!

Wake up, America, regardless of your political beliefs, and demand, we begin to do a better job, protecting the world’s environment! Either we act soon, or risk severe, undesirable ramifications!

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