Things to remember about writing

Focus on your customers. Actually, prospective customers are most interested in the problems they face (either in life or in their own businesses) and the solutions you can offer as a result of your expertise. When you sit down to write, pretend you’re speaking to a couple of favored customers. What issues do they contend with on a daily basis? What knowledge can you share that will make their lives easier?

Explain your product or service without hype. On occasion, it’s okay to write a blog that focuses on your business offerings. But do so in the context of customer concerns, not as an opportunity to go on about a product’s “unmatched excellence,” etc. Do you provide a type of service that’s hard for people to grasp right away? Offer a detailed “how to” explanation. Do customers find using your product difficult at first? Help them understand how to make it useful for them.

Comment on breaking news. Breaking local, national or international news may seem to have nothing to do with what you sell. Think again. For example, if you run a sports medicine center and there’s a story on head injuries in high school football, offer “5 Tips to Avoid Concussions During Workout.” The same principle applies to news in your particular industry. Report on this industry-related news and then offer your own practical take on the subject.

Interview an expert. There are experts in virtually every field and many would gladly respond to a request for an interview. Think about the kinds of questions your customers would like answered. Ask those questions in the course of an email interview with the expert. Write up the post in Q&A form, run it past your interview subject for approval, and then you’re good to go.

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