How to Become a “Blogging Ninja”

Can You Free Yourself from a life with no Engines

Can you silently hear the voices ringing in your ear whispering in different voices and tones…”You must freshen your blogs content” “The search engines are coming, they will vanish you” “Your Blog is lacking updates” “Your feeds are hungry” “Send me a thousand dollars” (O.k. I just threw that in to see if you were paying attention).

We all know it’s a given, like “No Ticky” “No Laundry”, that you must continually add fresh new relevant content to your blogs as often as possible, if you want any chance of capturing a high ranking from the search engine army.

And the Quest Begins

Let me prepare you on how to become a “blogging Ninja”. I will let you in on a little secret so that you can finally get your pages into the search engine entourage without you watching everyday how they just pass you by, while snickering, in that sort of search engine way, as if they are saying “Oh it’s that life-less Blooooog again, don’t even look maybe they won’t see us”. The only way this is going to happen is if you post valuable content that their searchers are going to want to stop and read. That’s not the secret so don’t throw me to wolves just yet. The secret I speak of is this:

Did you know there is a plethora of new, fresh, exciting, truck full of valuable info, on blogs, news sites, info channels, all over the internet, from all over the world, just begging for you to take their information and use it, at no cost, anytime you like?

Perhaps you Do and Perhaps you Don’t

Let’s break it down a bit further shall we? First and foremost, I am not saying to go out and copy, take or steal anyone’s information that you did not get permission to do so, we all know that’s illegal and morally a mother’s nightmare. What I am conveying is that you can get this information by a God send of a tool called “RSS” Let’s make you tingle all over by telling you what this little bad boy is able to do for you.

And the eye of the Tiger watches his student closely

To become a “Blogging Ninja” you must be able to slither into any room, without being seen, carefully and rich fully fill your blogs or websites with good reader hungry content and then disappear without a sound at warp speed. Do you think you can do that? Could acquiring that stellar title be a little too much for you? Don’t you worry none as the saying goes “It’s in the bag”. You have a new side kick now and it’s name is Mini-Me Ninja. If you know how to treat your new little helper properly, it’s going to feed you, in real time, fresh new content from potentially thousands of blogs in practically any Niche, without being an expert, in a matter of seconds. Not bad for a mini-me eh?

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