When You Pay Peanuts

With all the congressional delays concerning the latest Covid-19 stimulus bill that includes raising the minimum wage there are many factors that have to be addressed by business owners and government. We have to remember that in order to have a balanced and stable economy, one that distributes wealth proportionally in societies is to adhere to the “Williams Theory of Economic Evolution.” The theory states: the more people with enough disposable income to spend, save, pay down debt and invest is the greatest deterrent to an unstable economy. And, today our economy is anything but stable. That being said when our government is focused on mandating the federal minimum wage to reach $15 per hour within the next four years points the United States in the right direction toward stabilizing our economy. But, more has to be done to close the greatest wealth disparity gap in our history. Just mandating increasing the minimum wage won’t even come close.

That old saying ” When you pay peanuts you can expect allot of monkeys” is becoming more evident in our society today. It just so happens we now have an awful lot of “monkeys” that have taken their place in the workplace today, like our elected Republicans. The rationale` of most employers when it comes to payrolls has rendered the workplace almost void of qualified, experienced, and loyal employees. It is no wonder that most of the goods and services that are provided or made in the United States has declined in quality, durability, reliability and affordability. The inability to apply sound business principals has only accelerated the economic crisis that continues to plague every community all across the United States. The past financial meltdown and the sub-prime mortgage crisis was evidence of this fact. The continued downward domino effect that is still occurring in our economy is being facilitated by the continued failure of the United states Government to implement energy policies that actually reduce our dependence on foreign imports while lowering the cost of fuel and energy.

The budget crisis that is currently rendering communities so ravaged our public servants like teachers are caught in the whirlwind of budget cuts. The after effects from all these proposed cuts will be that payrolls are slashed, higher unemployment resulting, and reduced services all of which manifest into a warped sense of accomplishment that government is finally doing the publics will. Like in the public sector the business world, both are missing the boat when it comes to creating prosperity. The real issue is that tax bases all over the United States are so depleted because of current Pandemic, economic policies of the past, the lack of an energy program, and the continuing interference by government in all the regulations and red tape that are imposed on the few remaining vestiges of business that are still around. All of these plus the current trend of stagnation in wages or worse yet retardation of wages in remaining employment opportunities have depleted our workforce which constitutes taxes, which brings about stability and positive economic activity.

In every facet of economic activity when payrolls are reduced triggers a domino effect where any product whether it is in manufacturing or service related that product most often becomes inferior almost to the point of being useless. For instance when states under fund the current mandated expenditures say for public education, education of our youth becomes less effective. When a decline in education occurs society, the public and this whole country will suffer enormous consequences that will reduce the United States ability to compete in the Global Market now and in the future. We had better address this fact considering our schools have been closed for a better part of the year.

To rid the monkey of the back of the United States we have to embark on a totally different path. One that will restore our tax base. One that will restore living wages. One that will replenish the lost employment opportunities that have been vanquished from over 30 years of failed economic policies. One that will produce generations of student achievement in regaining our prominence in the academic world. One that puts more deposable incomes in everyone’s pocketbooks. One the ensures our national security. One that ensures that the stability of this country will thrive for generations to come.

When our illustrious legislatures continue to engage in rhetoric that specifies more of the same policies only with different variations in their attempt to solve what is an international economic crisis only further handicaps every community. One of the first steps in salvaging our economy is first realizing that current policies haven’t worked. Once everyone acknowledges this fact we now are faced with how to achieve the results that are so urgently needed? The quickest and best way out of this quandary is through education. Knowing that only total reform of all our current policies is vital for achieving the results that effectively propels the United States out of the abyss of economic degradation and into a much more prosperous future.

Do our elected officials and business leaders have the resolve to tackle what is needed? The price of doing what we have been doing in dealing with any economic upheaval is too great. Allot of monkeys {like our legislatures} haven’t dispelled the wave after wave of turmoil that is prohibiting this country from climbing out of that economic abyss. Only implementation of new reforms will provide the answers and the cure to end an economic and social catastrophe that was initiated by so many legislatures and business leaders when they monkeyed around with current policies. The past sub-prime mortgage mess was just one prime example of the enormous misery caused to so many millions. The time to reform our policies and invest for the future is now. Implementation of National Economic Reform’s Ten Articles of Confederation are the reforms that will propel the United States into a healthier and more stable future.

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