Ambulances Are the First

In times of unforeseen medical emergencies, ambulances act as lifesavers. An ambulance is an indispensable part of emergency medical services, so it can have a huge impact on the kind of medical assistance the patient receives at the earliest possible time.

To improve the patients’ ride and maximize their chances of survival, every ambulance must be well equipped with certain features that provide comfort to the patient and buy him time in which he can receive the needed treatment.


Apart from a responsible medical team to assist the patients, some amenities must be present in an ambulance.


Every ambulance must have a First Aid kit containing items like sterile bandages, gauze dressings, gloves, scissors, antiseptics, and disinfectants. Clean first aid kits are needed in every medical emergency to stop excessive bleeding or infections.


Safe seating is needed for people accompanying the patient and the medical personnel present in the ambulance. The main concerns should be safety, comfort, and functionality.

Over the years, some standards have emerged which must be adhered to while seating is concerned. Such standards include child safety, seat belts, child restraints, head clearance, etc.


Apart from first aid kits, an ambulance must have two manual and battery run suction devices, which will prove fruitful while removing obstruction and fluids clogging the patient’s air track.

If the patient is unconscious, then medical devices called Non-metallic Oropharyngeal Airways are required to prevent the patient’s jaw muscles from relaxing and the tongue from blocking the air passage.

In addition to this, there must be enough oxygen cylinders filled with fresh oxygen to facilitate artificial respiration.

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