Begin Making A Better World For Yourself By Manifesting Abundance Through Abundance Thinking

I’m not talking about your physical surroundings; I mean the kingdom you have made. Is your chosen kingdom where you will have the natural ability to always be manifesting abundance and experience joy, eternally?

It is a place where manifesting abundance and peace is protected from conflict and your heart untouched by fear or loss if so. You can not physically construct this place or manufacture, or anything like it, any more than you can make yourself.

This place of abundance thinking, the “natural you” was created for you along with you; yet you deny it.

A Course in Miracles teaches that, “Your mind is light, the same light as my mind,” where manifesting abundance occurs, and we both only know light. Our knowledge is nowhere else.

Your light of spirit

Your radiance extends to attract the darkness of other minds, who, at first may be startled or frightened.

God gives equally, and when you have recognized the abundance thinking light in anyone, you have acknowledged it in yourself. Your only difficulty is in the way you trained yourself.

A Course in Miracles states, “The Holy Spirit has the power to change the whole foundation of the world you see to something else.”

While you are out of your natural environment you might ask yourself, “What really is abundance thinking, or we may say, Truth?” When you don’t know yourself, this is.

Manifesting abundance through the light of Truth includes all of the Children of God, your sisters and brothers, the whole Child, or traditionally termed, the “Son of God,” which is the wholeness of Truth.

Without the light of Truth about you, God does not exist, and this certainly is not the case.

Can we be certain of this?

Let’s answer this by asking, how else could we have arrived, or even have chosen to separate from the Truth that created us?

We either make a way for ourselves or we are always manifesting and co-creating abundance within this Truth, called God.

Remember, that the Kingdom is forever extending within Its already-infiniteness, as the Mind of God. When you’re not experiencing your own joy, or the capability you have for this elation of manifesting abundance, it’s because you don’t have the knowledge of your own self-fullness.

By not knowing this self-fullness you are excluding part of Heaven from yourself, and therefore are not whole and can not make a better world.

When a split-mind fragments with its ego-based beliefs, and can not perceive its

fullness, it needs a miracle.

What is the miracle?

It is your wholeness creating a new vision upon what you think is your deprived mind, and restoring it to Heaven– but only if you’re able to accept this wholeness as real.

It is in full appreciation of its fullness, where selfishness is impossible, leaving only room for extension. What appreciates grows in strength and begins manifesting abundance, which is why true strength is always peaceful.

When you are fulfilled you are operating by the abundance thinking of your true spirit. Your creativity comes alive, because the Holy Spirit, Who is in your mind, knows your creations as your purpose.

This part of you is Heaven.

If you’ll let Him, he will bring them into your awareness. Your creations are part of your true essence or being, and are what fulfills you to make a better world for yourself.

The creations of God are yours as well, since every creation is of this wholeness, and they belong to everyone. This is why we are all meant to be living in abundance.

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