Buying Men’s Jewelry

Men wearing jewelry is one of those topics that divides people into two, unrelenting camps: you either love it and think men should wear bracelets and stylish necklaces, or you feel that jewelry only belongs on women.

While it was certainly not always the case, jewelry has come to represent femininity in most western cultures. Diamonds, jewels and gold show that a woman is well to-do, desirable, and has good taste, while no such association has been so strong with men. European men have been far more willing to embrace jewelry beyond the standard watch or cufflink set, but in America men have been less eager to try bracelets and necklaces. The recent abundance of the ubiquitous hookah-shell necklace on the younger, partying generation, and the over-the-top “bling” lifestyle have nt done the trend any favors either, but there does exist a niche of men for whom jewelry is a perfectly acceptable accessory.

When buying jewelry for a man, be absolutely sure it will be well received, since plenty of men will feel silly wearing bracelets no matter the quality or price. Heavier styles in durable metals like sterling silver, copper and bronze make great men’s bracelets. Good quality metals will last longer, hold their shine for longer and can usually be restored easily by a jeweler when the time comes to polish or repair.

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