3 Ways to Book Your Next Event Space on a Budget

When it comes to planning successful conferences and seminars, choosing the right event space can be the decision that makes or breaks your summit. When you’re on a tight budget, it can seem like your options are limited, but they don’t have to be! Check out these three quick tips for picking your next location on a budget.

1. Plan Far in Advance

The sooner you’re able to book your event space, the better. Planning ahead as far in advance as you can allows you to have a little wiggle room in your dates, and may give you an opportunity to book a place during an off-season for less. A good rule of thumb is to try for at least a year ahead of the first day, but there have been many summits that have been planned out for the same weekend for decades, based on their success. Try to lock down dates that are not near similar events, and that you can most likely use in the years to come. This is especially important if you’re planning to host seminars in the same city every year.

2. Research Reviews and Look for Insider Info

Many review sites will list locations that hold seminars and conferences, so do a little research ahead of time to see what the conference organizers and attendees had to say about the event space. Also, search for conferences that are similar to yours in size and niche to find out where they’ve hosted seminars previously, and what they had to say about the location. Many events now have their own hashtags on social media, so try to search for hashtags that include both the seminar name and the location. That way you’ll be able to hear feedback from the attendees and speakers in real time.

3. Talk Over Your Needs With Your Account Manager

While you may think of them as just salespeople at first, account managers can be your biggest allies for a successful summit. Establishing a relationship with the account manager at your event space can help you realize the best deals and budget-saving tips for your conference that you hadn’t thought of previously. These account managers have lots of experience handling seminars of all sizes, so they may have ideas on how to keep your conference cost-effective, or may offer ideas on local contractors and professionals that they’ve had positive experiences working with.

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