How to Take Care of Your Hair Styling Tools

Even if you have bought the most advanced and highest quality hair equipment and tools like Bonika shears or FHI irons, if you do not know how to take care of them, they will easily get worn out. Proper maintenance of your tools is the best way to ensure that your investments last a long time doing great service to you and your hair. Here is a rundown of helpful information on how to take care of basic hair tools.

Curling Irons

This type of hair equipment is most effective in giving volume and body to your hair, and gorgeous locks of curls as you desire. To ensure that your curling iron is well taken care of, be sure to clean it every after use.

Before you go on to clean it, unplug the appliance first and allow it to completely cool down. Using a slightly damp cloth, wipe the surface of the curling iron to remove any hairspray or hair product residue, which can eventually build up on the iron if neglected.

If there are stubborn residue that cannot be removed, apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol on your rug and then wipe it again. You can also use a cotton ball that has a nail polish remover that contains acetone for the same problem.

Blow Dryers

Just like with the curling iron, you need to clean your blow dryers regularly. Check the hair dryer for any lint, hair or debris build up. This is not only necessary for maintaining the blow dryer but also to ensure that your dryer does not become a potential fire hazard. Remove debris using tweezers or your fingertips. Do not forget to turn it off before doing so.

Hair Shears

Buying high quality shears like Bonika shears will ensure that you have a long lasting pair. Reduce wear and tear of your hair shears by cleaning your hair prior to use. The oil in your hair can affect the quality of your scissors.

Moreover, clean the shears every after use. Remove any hair, dirt, oil, or debris on the cutting blades. Once in a while, apply a few drops of scissors oil on the pivot screw to maintain the top shape of your scissors.

Store your shears securely in its original container or in a holster, pouch or box, which will keep its fine cutting ability. Tossing it into the drawer together with the other tools can deteriorate its quality.

Flat Irons

Always unplug the iron before attempting to clean it. Clean thoroughly the attachment plates after using the iron and after the iron has cooled down. Avoid using soap and water to clean your flat iron because this can be a fire hazard. Instead, make use of a damp or dry cloth to remove any residue from hair products.

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